The World's most powerful, portable AND affordable


Redefining the scooter with up to 45% hill climbing torque, 45 mph speeds & 50+ mile range!

Revolutionize your commute with this powerful new electric scooter. Eon Scooter is a combination of the most powerful, portable AND affordable electric scooter on the market, complete with optional dual sit or stand modes thanks to our patented removable folding seat.

But we didn't stop there, our patented dual pin single touch foot pedal activated folding neck is industry leading and not found on any other competitor worldwide!

Custom designed, engineered, and built from the ground up in San Francisco, Eon Scooter eclipses the competition in power, durability and affordability. Get where you're going, faster AND safer!


On demand, safe and smooth acceration, brisk top speeds with unmatched hill climbing torque.


Aerospace grade aluminum frame and lightening holes allow for the lightest, strongest AND most portable product in it's class.


We cut out the middlemen markups by mass manufacturing our own custom designed product - passing the savings onto you!
We ship direct from our factory to your door, allowing for lower prices, better performance and more features than any comparable product on the market anywhere in the world.

Innovative Design AND Affordable Price:

1) Patented Retracting Seat:
Sit, Stand or Remove - Your Choice!

*Store/transport models horizontally or vertically - seat has vertical stand built in OR mount the vertical stand adapter when the seat is removed

2) Patented Single Touch Foot Pedal Activated Folding Neck:
No More Handlebar/Neck Wobble!
*Rock solid neck for better steering control for the life of the scooter - no adjustable screws/nuts/quick release clamps to tighten down the road
*Safer with a redundant 2nd pin in the event of any rare failure in one
*No more bending down to fold or unfold by hand, or monkeying with multiple toggles or accidental folding while riding
*Locks in both the upright or folded position

3) Full Suspension
Front AND Rear !
*Adult grade, concealed shocks provide long lasting durable suspension for a comfortable ride on OR off road 
*Plenty of ground clearance to avoid obstacle or bottoming out on curbs/bumps
*Recommended 350lb weight capacity for best ride performance

Feature Rich ModelComponents Include:

1) Compact Backlit and Weatherproof Programmable Speed LCD & Thumb Throttle Combo

2) Lightweight Materials -
High quality aerospace grade aluminum avoids rust/corrosion while providing the lightest weight to power ratio in it's price class. Long lasting stainless steel hardware holds everything together for daily use and is built to last like a car not a toy that falls apart in weeks or ends up in a rusted heap in the back of your closet/garage.

3) Dual Braking - Regenerative E-Braking with full stopping power on the steepest declines without even using the mechanical brakes (and has the built in benefit of being able to recover up to 10% of battery energy when braking) AND Mechanical Drum Braking for the safest and smoothest braking available.

4) Durable smart phone holder with weatherproof backlit USB charging port combo

5) Fast & Safe Charging
(*up to 2hrs full charge vs 4+hrs with the optional Fast Charger depending on battery size of model selected)

6) Bright weatherproof LED flush mounted Brake/Taillights & Handlebar/Fender Turn Signals

7) Powerful Motorcycle Grade 130dB Horn & 2k Lumen Ultra-bright LED Spot Headlight combo unit to see AND more importantly, BE SEEN by others!
8) Removable Vertical Stand Adapter
(for use without the removable seat)

9) Trolley Handle
(To conveniently lift and tow the scooter short distances on it's back wheel without having to lift the entire model to move it)

10) Master on/off key switch (removable key in either on or off position) frame body mounted 
(No worries about tampering with handlebar mounted LCD on/off or accidentally leaving lights/power when stored or locked up in public on the street.)

And many, many dozens more...too many features to list here!

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Physical Prototyping Progress For Mass Manufacturing Vs CAD 3D Files:

Initial 12 months (Oct 17, 2016 Launch):

Live Indiegogo campaign and InDemand Campaign completed - we far surpassed our initial 50-75 hand machined scooter models goal of $50k with our historic, record breaking campaign for a powerful 100% electric e-scooter (or even e-skateboard record) which allowed us (required us!) to upgrade our models and prep for mass manufacturing, sourcing and shipping thousands of units with our Contract Manufacturer in China to backers worldwide!

Month 12-24:
Upgrade 3D CAD design & engineering here in California, initial prototyping and precision fabrication of test units to ensure quality control/durability/safety or our design, and sourcing with 3rd party vendors.

Month 24-36:
Engineering completed, Beta Prototypes completed and revealed to backers and general public. Final prep for mass manufacturing in China, tooling, latest component and electric sourcing upgrades with 6 month lead for fabrication and assembly.

Month 36 - To Date (Spring - Summer 2020)
Finalizing prep, shipping component parts to our team in Asia, launch E-Commerce website landing page (you're reading from it here!), product part approval process, and prepare for initial production run at factory.

Regular Update - Latest Details:

February 2020:
While our prep work continues for production we have a delay currently for our team to physically travel to our Contract Manufacturing plant outside Shanghai (the Coronavirus originated west of Shanghai in the Wuhan area). While this affects everyone from Apple to Tesla to our own team due to the major 4 American commercial passenger aircraft from traveling to HK or Mainland China until early May according to the latest reports out today, we continue to monitor the situation and will report back here regularly (weekly).

We are currently delayed from shipping samples back and forth as our China team have notified us that UPS/FedEx/DHL are also delayed in delivering packages which is a small set back to our timeline.

Judging by a similar virus (SARS) over 15 years ago, and the swift worldwide and W.H.O. response, we anticipate the virus spread to be contained in the coming weeks/months and business to slowly ramp back up as it not only affects lives, but livelihoods of the global economy. We are bummed by the delay but there is still work that can be done overseas through the internet communication with vendors and other prep work that is required in addition to sample sourcing finalizaton and production test runs which we project we'll be all set for when things return to normal.

Stay tuned for more Updates here shortly - we've overcome a whole range of challenges that people said were impossible to achieve from patents to competitor collapse/bankruptcies due to poor engineering/quality control issues/lack of performance, California wildfire machine shop worker injuries/relocations and more and we are stronger than ever and never been closer to making our campaign project a reality for backers and new customers worldwide in the coming months!

Thank you to all of our backers for your amazing support, feedback and patience - we never could have made it to this point without your contributions and positive words!



(*More coming soon...)


Air-Filled (Pneumatic)1) Road TreadTires
2) Off-Road Knobby Tires


Folding  Rearview Mirrors


Cargo Trailer
(150lb capacity)


Front & Rear Folding Baskets


Storage Bag

Crowdfunding Backed Supporters:

β€œEveryone here wants what you are designing for us and has backed you for many reasons. A State of the Art, well built scooter. I believe and support the Eon team!” 

Jason S.

"πŸ’žπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’žLove these shots - looks amazing!!! Can't wait :) So much classier than anything else on the market anywhere!!!! πŸ’žπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ž"

Denise P

"Keep pushing guys! I look forward to completion πŸ™‚"

Will G.

Last (50+) Miles


San Francisco, California



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